Wednesday, January 04, 2006

isn't the new economy great?

A while back I did some contract PR work for an international firm. One of the Master Franchisors is formerly from Vancouver. Now, he's based out of Las Vegas. From here in my apartment, I connected with him and one of his franchisees in Chicago. We conference called, emailed and voice-mailed away until I got them into a Chicago daily. I won't lie, it felt good. Yankee ink on the first try.

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about that, except that is was a first for me...making the world feel smaller by using technology to do business from across the continent.

The only non-new-economy side to the story: The check is in the mail. Next time I'll tell them about my Paypal account.

The only real downside: One of the reporters actually said that I talk a bit funny. I thought us West Coasters had a homogenized, middle-of-the-road accent, but this guy said he could tell I was Canadian because I say "about" funny. (Truth is, it does sound like I'm saying "a boat" sometimes)

Oh well. He ran the story I pitched, eh.


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