Thursday, January 19, 2006

drop bomb here, please.

Need proof that Google rules the world? I originally saw this on Adrants a couple of days ago, but the source was the MIT advertising lab.

The quick lowdown: GoogleEarth makes it possible to see the roof of your house from outer space, and as we all know, if people can see it, someone will advertise on it.

Here, you can see Target taking advantage of this technology with their very recognizable branding.

Hint: Don't climb onto your roof with a can of paint just yet, friends. Only a simple, well-known symbol like the one you see here will work with this trick, and then you still have to rely on Google to update their sattelite images in the massive GoogleEarth database. Stick with what already works for you for now, but watch for this phenomenon to evolve in direct proportion to the growth of the technology.

Sometimes I miss the simpler times, when all you had to do was climb onto a soapbox and you could sell cases and cases of snake oil. Kidding, of course. Secretly, I LOVE this tactic, I just wish it was me that owned a chunk of real estate big enough to take advantage of it.

Prediction: Large companies like Coke will pay a premium to corn farmers to carve their logos into their fields. And the crop circle phonomenon becomes the next big marketing idea!

Anyone else feel dizzy?


At 6:56 AM, Blogger Shane & Carly said...

Oprah is already in on it:


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