Saturday, May 27, 2006

mark cuban::a bullet in the heart for print media

Mark Cuban has a lot of money.

And he doesn't want to spend it on print advertising anymore. In his "quick letter to the newspaper and magazine industries," he says that a lot of his entertainment industry peers feel the same way. I guess he's okay with print for his beloved Mavs, but when it comes to his movie companies:

"It's expensive to advertise movies or TV shows in either newspapers or magazines. Very expensive. Where entertainment is traditionally advertised, you guys know you got us, and it shows in your pricing. The pricing in the Movie and TV sections of print media is outrageous.

"Which means that every single company in the entertainment business is looking for a way to never ever have to spend a nickel with you again. Our entire business knows we have to spend money with you now, but we are experimenting with every option possible to pull that money from you and spend it elsewhere."
Mr. Cuban isn't exactly known for being subtle, so it's no surprise that he's bitching publicly about this, his latest beef. Still, you gotta hand it to Mark, he's an agent of change.

He'll probably end up getting a better rate for all of the display ads he buys for 2929 Entertainment and HDNet, but I'd rather see him prove that you can do it without print, just to put a scare into them. I don't hate print; I still love it. But I think we all know paper's days are numbered, and I for one am ready for the revolution.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger J.D. said...

I don't think print will ever COMPLETELY die, but it certainly has lost its almost 100 percent market share.


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