Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a cute story for Valentine's day

When an eight year old can start a business with less than $10 US a year, you know that these are indeed exciting times.

The Business 2.0 blog points us to a funny post written by a VC, who had to deflect requests from his eight-year-old son to fund his company. The kid kicked and screamed, and got Mom on his side, and then Dad had to comply. He went to Godaddy.com, (pun accidental, I assure you) bought a URL for a couple of bucks and just hours later, the kid was in business.

Take note, would-be entrepreneurs: Your excuses for in-action just don't wash anymore. Eight-year-olds are kicking your ass.

This winds up being a nice plug for cafepress.com, an great web 2.0 application that brings the power to be a retailer to us all. I've always wanted to design my own t-shirts, (Who doesn't?) so I'll inevitably be pimping my self-made gear soon enough...

On the subject of Web 2.0, Steve Rubel's post from yesterday caught my eye. If you want to skip over his post, just jump directly to listible.com, which offers an excellent list of great new web applications. I can proudly say I use a good deal of the top ten on the list, but there are plenty more than I'm now pretty stoked to look into a little deeper.

I love the web. And if you're reading , I love YOU. Happy Valentine's Day.


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