Tuesday, February 07, 2006

super letdown XL

I suppose it only makes sense that I should sound off on the super bowl, since everyone else seems to be doing so. I do SO love to fit in, so here goes:

The first game I ever cared about, and the first time I've ever been disappointed. Wanna know why I'm less than chuffed? Read Eric's post. We're both from the Pacific Northwest. Do the math.

Anyway as for the ads, I was pleased to find that with my digital cable box, I could watch the game on a US network and catch all of the ads as they appeared. Needless to say, I wasn't blown away. Budweiser clearly owns the game, they even sponsor the entire collection of commercials (via Rob) online. Some are good, most are average, if you ask me.

I agree with Mack. (Who gave a blow-by-blow as the game unfolded!)
The best ads, imho, were the Budweiser "Magic Fridge," and the Macguyver ad made me chuckle a bit too. I'll give a special nod to Blockbuster too. Their ad made me want to take action, and there's no better criteria to measure an ad with than that.

In all though, it felt like any other commercial break most times; Godaddy.com's ad did end up a bit "limp" after all the hype.

Btw, next year I'm getting a fresh beer during the breaks, and watching the game.


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