Tuesday, February 21, 2006

how to add value to water

I'll say it right from the outset: I love this idea. (Thank you Adrants) I hereby bestow upon it the highest honor I can, by wishing it was MY idea.

For decades now, water companies have been making us pay dearly for what should be free; two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen (you know the stuff). Of course, the marketer in me believes they deserve to, because they've done a good job making the world believe that water is worth more than oil. Want to have a heart attack? Try buying a bottle of the stuff after dark in Ibiza (so I hear).

But the story in the link above shows a great way to distribute a magazine (read= sell advertising) and add extra value to what we're supposed to be drinking anyway. The right way to do this is to make the profits on the magazine and give the water away, imho, but the reading material will take the sting out of the two bucks they'll likely end up charging.

This is a big win for print advertising if you ask me. Hooray for for Joanna Wojtalik, the Aussie girl with the big idea.


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