Monday, March 20, 2006

how to become an instant celebrity

From a marketing standpoint, it's pure genius.

Although Google Video is arguable getting their hindquarters handed to them in the battle against YouTube for dominance in the online video share category, they have invented a contest that just might tip the scale.

It's called GoogleIdol, and it doesn't need much more introduction than that, so follow this link and vote often. Remember, standard text messaging rates do NOT apply.

Seacrest, OUT!


At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Justin Schultz said...

Holy crap-ola.

This is pure ingenius of Google.

It reminds me of a promotion launched by a grocery store in my hometown (Minneapolis, MN, USA) in which they awarded customers free groceries for putting a bumper sticker on their cars that said "I Love My Cub". (Cub Foods being the name of the grocery store.)

During the promotion, employees from the grocery store would go out to the parking lot looking for these stickers and make a public announcement over the store's loudspeaker that...

"Justin Schultz with license plate FFF-555 has just won $100 dollars in free groceries!"

Such announcements were made twice a day in all of their stores for several months.

It was an amazing viral campaign, and before long it seemed like EVERYBODY was driving around with bumper stickers that said "I Love My Cub".


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