Tuesday, March 07, 2006

youtube vs. google video

The folks over at "Church of the Customer" explain in back-to-back posts why YouTube is the go-to Web 2.0 application for uploading video. The short synopsis: YouTube lives up to its clever name and is cleaner, easier and more functional to use, with YOU in mind.

First, a top ten of how YouTube beats Google Video. Then a post about how YouTube has been responsible for some of the greatest viral marketing success stories. And how NBC, one of the lucky recipients of all this digital attention, don't fully understand the value of it all. I guess actually, they DO see a value, and they mistakenly think that there is a revenue model there that they can exploit.

Take it from me NBC (yeah, they're listening!). Let the kids share your funny clips, like Natalie Portman cussin' and fightin' and fornicatin'. It's a great way to create buzz for the show and boost viewership. It's the only hope you have of continuing to charge massive amounts to advertise during the show. Leave the iTunes sales to the starving artists in the recording industry who actually need the revenue.


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