Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the rest of us are b-listers, i guess

Well, now there can be very little debate as to who the A-list bloggers are, now that there's the Blog 50. It's a list of the best/most influential bloggers in the blogosphere...Sadly I didn't make the list. Hugh brought it to my attention (of COURSE he did, he's #31 as of this writing) and for once I agree with him:
"At least they have a sense of humor about it."

Much fuss has been made about the relevancy of traffic, links and profile when it comes to classifying someone as an "A-lister." (see: Technorati Top 100) Until now, I found the whole thing quite trivial. But I'm coming around now, since this site is almost lampooning the triviality of the idea and making a name for himself along the way. Jeremy Botter. That's his name. I know, because I was so curious I had to find out who was adjuticating this list, and on what criteria. I was pleased to find out that it is essentially the brainchild of an average blogger like you and me who had a great idea.

Well done Jeremy. The Blog 50 "algorhythm" will now become as mysterious as Google's; I for one will be tuning in to see when you make it onto your own list, because it shant be long. And when I will, of course!

Asides: This is how I found out Margaret Cho has a blog, and many other cool ones. My only critique is that only the top 10 or so have links. (Take the time and do it, Jer. It's more "influential" to do so)


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Jeremy Botter said...

My formula for The Blog 50 was transcribed from ancient Chinese scrolls handed down from the original blogosphere that took place in caves and swampy areas in the prehistoric era. The dinosaurs ended the first blogosphere, however, because they had a tendency to snack on A-Listers more than others.

I'll never put myself on my own list. I will, however, accept bribes in the form of cupcakes. That's how Peter Rojas made the #1 slot -- by giving me great homemade cupcakes.

The links will all be included in the next iteration of the list, which is due out on Saturday afternoon. This thing literally came together over the course of two days, and I didn't have the time to design the site AND code in all the links for the first list. They'll be included henceforth.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy. And for creating the list.

I like the fact that you included bloggers that are influential and not just heavily linked to, etc. The mark of a top blogger is determined by the value to the reader, imo.

Now when in the hell do I make the list? (My cupcakes don't travel well, and Texas isn't exactly close, so I might have to wait to earn my spot the old fashioned way)


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