Wednesday, April 26, 2006

advice from the best in the biz, free.

One of the things that I like the most about this "new web" world we live in, is that it seems the sharing of information is par for the course. Everyone is doing it; sharing like we were taught to do in kindergarten.

Even best-selling authors, and the kind of guys that charge $1500 plus for a seat at their keynotes are giving their best stuff away for no charge. Some people like to protect their ideas and teachings under lock and key, while others recognize the value of letting their work spread virally, and want the world to know that they can "pass it on," as long as fair credit is given.

In the spirit of that, Creative Commons was created to make this trading of information legal. Essentially, Creative Commons gives authors, bloggers and other content creators a "legalese" agreement with their readers that says that if you give the author credit and a link, you may republish any of their material. Business Owners take note: this content is free when you follow the rules, and it's terrific stuff. Use the CC search engine to find what you need. Cheers to John Jantsch for the reminder.

Disclosure:: I haven't signed up with Creative Commons yet, but consider my ramblings public domain. And you can quote me on that. Getting a licence from CC just went on my "to do" list. Maybe I'll put it into my Google Calendar.

Bonus humour link:: Rob Masefield, my good friend and designer is an Australian living in Canada. Which as it turns out, is not without its challenges.

This is the kind of item that I can see going viral. Vancouver grocery stores, take note!


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