Thursday, April 27, 2006

all marketers are liars

Seth's words, not mine.

Seth Godin's book, "All Marketers Are Liars," is about how successful brands are built on great stories.

From "green M&M's will help you hit home runs," to "Subway can help you lose weight," and everything else in between; most often we buy because we believe in the story behind the product. The one that the marketing department wants you to buy into.

I'm convinced my watch keeps better time than most. It was made in Switzerland. Plus there's an Italian guy's name on the front of it. My $10 Casio digital I had as a boy always seemed to do the job too, in retrospect.

But enough of that. I'm repeating the same stuff I've spewed many times in the past, and the main reason for this post is to send you off to Seth's blog, where he gives a "Cliff Notes" version of All Marketers Are Liars in just a few paragraphs.

Read it, believe it. And buy bottled water only from Canada; it's the cleanest, freshest and tastiest on the planet.


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